Wanrooij gallery Amsterdam

Wanrooij gallery

Product launch event

As a regular partner of Martijn van Wanrooij and his gallery, we organize many events at this beautiful location. These include the opening of new exhibitions, but we also organize many special events for companies that work with artists through Martijn.

This event involved a product launch of Royal Salute, the high end premium whiskey brand of Pernod Ricard. In collaboration with Martijn and Amelie of Royal Salute, we provided a beautiful intimate dinner here.


of our customer

“Sonah Catering was our partner of choice to craft an unforgettable private dining experiences that seamlessly blend creativity, culinary excellence, and impeccable execution. With a keen eye for detail, their team transforms visions into reality, ensuring every element, from decor to cuisine, is a true reflection of the client’s desires. The team keeps clients informed and engaged throughout the planning process, fostering a collaborative atmosphere. Going beyond the ordinary, Eelco and the team goes the extra mile to add unique touches that elevate each event, leaving a lasting impression on guests.”

Amelie | Royal Salut | pernod ricard

Royal Garden theme

We were given complete creative freedom and so came up with the Royal Garden theme. The table was a veritable sea of flowers with elements of the dishes incorporated in between. For example, the appetizer dressing was in watering cans that were in the “table garden.”
The evening ended with a Royal dessert, a crown of Royal Salute whiskey mousse and kisses of hazelnut and Tonka chocolate.

Sonah catering sitdown wanrooij