Studio Woudt Alkmaar

RBPR Agency

Opening studio Woudt

World-renowned art photographer Bastiaan Woudt opened the doors of Studio Woudt for the first time for an exclusive gathering. This 1000m2 space consists of a gallery, podcast studio, photography studio and the headquarters of Woudt’s own publishing company, 1605 Collective.

Guests had the unique opportunity to admire Woudt’s latest works – including some never-before-seen pieces – which are internationally acclaimed for their timeless, monochromatic aesthetic. The Grand Opening Studio Woudt offered an intimate introduction to Woudt’s photography amid a space reminiscent of his iconic black-and-white portraits.


from our customer

“This first collaboration with Sonah Catering for the Grand Opening Studio Woudt was a great success. Sonah’s personalized approach, executed with creativity and attention to detail, took the catering to the next level and added a unique and sophisticated element to the experience. Dedication and craftsmanship were evident in the dishes, careful presentations, and impeccable service.”

RBPR | Roger Bruning

Golden combination

We were commissioned by Roger Brunings’ RBPR Agency to provide the catering for this. The assignment was, perfect service, culinary small bites to match the work and studio of Bastiaan Woudt. These kinds of requests make us very happy. Besides the big events we cater, the small events are just as important and valuable for our growth. Especially these kind of requests where we can really apply customization. All the presentation tools were handmade and put together for this event. Not only did it taste very good, it was also pleasing to the eye. The catering perfectly matched the studio, the client’s wishes and the purpose of that evening. A golden combination that made for a very good first collaboration.