Amaze Amsterdam

Google x AI Advantage

Product Kick off

The Oval Office approached us to help think about the presentation of reception and drinks for this corporate event. Artificial intelligence was the main theme.

We therefore thought of going back to nature precisely with the presentation. Back to basics. Tree trunks, flowers and natural products. Keep it real, they say.


from the customer

“It is a real pleasure to work with Sonah Catering. Eelco likes to think with you, takes the time for you and knows how to surprise you with an array of flavors and exquisite execution.
The catering was truly thought-provoking. During drinks, a lively discussion ensued about the vegan “tuna”; the taste was so good that our guests couldn’t believe it was actually vegan.
Besides the delectable flavors, it is also pleasing to the eye. The whole thing is surprising and of high quality!”

Kathy Kloos | the Oval Office