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14 years ago the passion started and it has never left. Eelco Meerman stopped working in the better restaurants and joined Dutch caterers at the very highest level.
But Eelco wanted more, because entrepreneurship runs through his blood. The dream of having his own business began in 2019 with the start of Sonah Catering. Sonah not only stands for gold: the letters also stand for the names of his children. This with the thought ‘then it can’t go wrong’.
Meanwhile, Eelco does this together with his business partner Wouter Blaser. Wouter has earned his stripes in many fine dining restaurants and has worked himself up to an all-round chef with his own style and signature. This combination of ingredients creates an unprecedented balance within the company.
The gentlemen have become big by staying small and that is their strength. Sonah has grown from a small “local” caterer to a full service catering company at home and abroad. This is achieved by staying close to themselves, always going the extra mile and realizing that without work there is no fruit.

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Your wishes and ideas are central. What is the goal, what do you want to radiate, what memory do you want to give, what location suits it? We like to think along with you..



Sonah Fine Foods knows everything there is to know about culinary business cards in a festive or very businesslike atmosphere. Our creative concepts connect with the company's core values. Relationships are strengthened in the right setting, formal or informal.



Catering weddings is Sonah Fine Foods' specialty, actually anywhere in the world. We feel the emotions and go for the most beautiful day in the life of the bride and groom, according to any ceremonial ritual.


Being environmentally conscious is nice, but we also realize that just being aware of it is not enough. We love luxury and go for the very best, but at the same time we also want to take responsibility. Because a better world also starts with us. For example, we go for less food waste and fewer emissions. By buying smarter, using products optimally, composting leftovers and using less meat and fish, we are contributing to this change.

We also work more and more with local suppliers and have, for example, a partnership with “The good wine”: an organization that sells wines and donates clean drinking water to third world countries. For every bottle of wine we buy as a caterer, they donate 750 liters of drinking water.

Learning, developing and growing in our profession is only possible in a more sustainable world, also before, during and after your event. To do this, we use 3 pillars: conscious, social and fair. We include these pillars in all our plans, every proposal and in their implementation. Not words, but deeds.